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Not a Sports Bar: CURLING CLUBS TO PAY HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS MORE A MONTH FOR SPORTS COVERAGE!!!! I imagine you have all seen the articles on Facebook, Whig Standard, Twitter, etc on what Bell/Rogers is planning on charging establishments that show sports on their TV. Please read the links in the link below from Curl Canada and help us stop these 'bullies'.

Elegant Junk Sale: I am pleased to inform you that due to the hard work of your outgoing Fundraising Director, Shelley Alkenbrack and her crew of Linda Bongard (incoming Fundraising Director), Elaine Badgley, Martha McCallum, David Ball, Robin Stockfish, Gena Hayes, MaryJane Elvins, Liz Goldie, Marilyn Cole, Gail Maracle, Patty Lion, Frank Lion, MaryJane Landon, Tessa Brunton, Sheila Pennell, Michele Penner, Sandi McNamee, Sheryl Martin, Jane Pearson the Elegant Junk Sale netted over $ 2,800 for the club. Way to go volunteers!!!!!

We are still looking for a Kitchen Director. In the past it has been proven that co-directors divide up the duties and has worked very well. Talk to your fellow curlers and call me with your willingness to join our Board. For further information please call one of the outgoing Directors Sheila Pennell 354-5365 or Valerie Burgess 308-9232 or myself.

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Novice League

Our novice league ran for 8 weeks and wrapped up last Sunday. Pam Jordan wanted to thank all her helpers and congratulate all the participants on their hard work. Thumbs up!! Enjoy a few videos! 


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