The Renovation Committee of Sandy Eastlake, Bill Ryan, Steve Eastlake, Doug Pennell, Stacey Jones and President Heather Ramshaw heartily thank:

LOCKER REMOVAL: Frank Dunham, Don Currier, Phil Berry, Kees VanGent, John Deman, Don Weir, Keith Mayers, Ted Kennedy, Ian Munro, Andy Graham, Gary Thompson, Chris Coleman, Steve Anderson and painters whom Stacey had Jane Derry, Mike Derry, Bill Casselman, George Munday plus kitchen helpers myself with Sheila Pennell and Sandi Coleman.

PAINTERS: Stacey Jones had Jane Derry, Mike Derry, Bill Casselman, George Munday with myself serving lunch.


Friday 25th – Phil Berry, Peter Wilkie, Ed Kurc, Rocco Liscio, Steve Anderson, John Lees, Andy Graham, Don Kerr, Bill Hogg, John Deman, Bill Hume, Chris Coleman, Jack McNamee and Sandy Eastlake thanks Sheila Pennell and Brenda Kerr for assisting with lunch.

Saturday 26th – Don Kerr, Phil Berry, Scott Webber, Ian Munro, Glenn Goodman, Ron Menchetti, Max Bishop, John Lees, Steve Anderson, Linda York, Sheryl Martin, Lynn Austin, Jack McNamee and Sandy thanks Brenda Kerr, Sandy Semple and Sandi McNamee for assisting her with lunch

Monday 28th – Rocco Liscio, Ed Kurc, Ken Booker, Steve Moore, Allan Wrigglesworth, Steve Moore. They only had a couple left plus some items to move back so no lunch was served – just a nice cold one after they finished.

Thursday, 31st - Steve Anderson, Phil Berry, Glenn Goodman, Dave Salvisburg, Ken Booker, Lynn Austin, Robert Hough, Dave VanVack, Steve Moore, Cor Vandenberg, Bill Casselman, Barton MacLean, Ian Munro. Sandy had Sheila Pennell assisting her with lunch.

Friday, June 1st - Steve Anderson, Ron Menchetti, Bill Hogg, Dave Salvisburg, Allan Wrigglesworth, Carol Lacevque, Dave VanVlack, Robert Hough, Cor Vandenberg, Lynn Austin, Glenn Goodman, Barton MacLean to finish up the assembly and to also complete as much as possible the placement of the lockers finishing at noon with a ‘cold one’.

Now we wait until the last 13 single lockers are received – hopefully by mid August. For some great pictures on the progress of this huge renovation please visit our facebook page.


Pictures are on our Facebook Page.



Please note the proposed plant sale has be CANCELLED.



Thanks to those of you who have already let me know you wish to assist with the locker installation. We still need many more volunteers so keep the emails coming.

The next phase of the Locker Room project is the donation of a locker which a lot of you have already agreed to. Emails have been sent to some of you who have agreed to donate to determine which method of payment you wish to use and to clarify your donation wishes. The couple area has been set up with 20 ‘larger’ lockers and there will be a curtain on both sides for privacy. (so far we have 17 spoken for - previous owners and/or new requests due to this renovation).

If you have a special situation and it has not already been resolved, please email Sandy Eastlake This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get clarification prior to making your online donation (instructions below).

If you do not wish to get a tax deduction then your cheque can be made to NDCC, 178 York Street PO Box 221, Napanee, Ontario, K7R 3M3.


National Sport Trust Fund–Ontario: Project #110 - Locker Room Renovations

Project Details:

How do I donate $100 (single) or $150 (couples) for a tax deduction?

Direct Link to the donation form.

  • Select [Dollar Value $] *
  • Select [As A]             à “One Time Donation
  • Select [Organizations Name] * à “Napanee & District Curling Club
  • Complete all Information including payment options.
  • Select [SUBMIT]

If you have any questions in regards to making the online donation, please email Heather This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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