"Volunteers are not paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless."



    2022-2023  "OFF TO A GREAT START!"


    Volunteers:  Mike Kehoe, Pam Jordan, Carolyn Pringle, Cathy Howard, Scott and Roger Mills, Andy Graham, Steve and Sandy Eastlake, Chris Downey, Linda Bongard, Dan McGrath 



    Assisting our Ice Techs Doug Pennell, Gary Thompson, and Ice Director Steve Eastlake was Don Currier, Glenn Goodman, Robert Hough



    Assisting one of our House Director David VanVlack was Wayne Chadwick, Glenn Goodman, Steven Moore, Jordan VanVlack



    Assisting Membership Director Sandy Eastlake with Clinics was Pam Jordan, Steve Eastlake, Ian Munro, Heather Ramshaw, Gayle Johnson, Stacey Jones, Dennis Kerr

    On bar was Dan McGrath, Dennis Kerr, Steve Eastlake



    Committee: Heather Ramshaw, Christine Perry

    Kitchen: Lunch: Heather Ramshaw, Anne Angel;

    Supper: Heather Ramshaw, Deb Kowalik, Bob St John

    Bar: Paul Reinke, Dan McGrath, Stacey Jones

    Ice: Thank you Doug Pennell and Gary Thompson



    Convenor: Allan Wrigglesworth

    Committee: Sandy Eastlake, Dave Coles

    Morning Goodies: Sheila Pennell/Val Burgess

    Lunch: Sheila Pennell/Val Burgess, Cathy Howard

    Bar: Donna Perrin, Janie Ryan, Don Currier, Dan McGrath

    Great Ice thanks to Doug & Gary


    Junior League

    Director: Bob StJohn

    Assistant: Ken Booker

    Helpers: Heather Ramshaw, Pam Jordan, Erin Elliott


    NOVICE LEAGUE – Sundays 30th October to 18th December

    Convenor/Instructor: Pam Jordan

    Instructors: John Ryan, Heather Ramshaw, Steve Eastlake

    Helpers: Chris Downey, Amanda Bell, Debra Campbell, Janie Ryan

    (volunteer list is ongoing and updated weekly)



    Convenor:  Allan Wrigglesworth

    Morning Goodies: Jim Lush 

    Lunch: Cathy Howard - Helpers: MaryJo Sergeant-Kerr,

    Marie Craigen, Joanne Fenwick, Nancy Wilkie; Bakers: Sandy Kennelly, Tessa Brunton, MaryJane Elvins, MaryJo Sergeant-Kerr

    Bar: Jordan VanVlack, Angela Kurc, Paul Reinke (2), Arnold VanHeighten

    Ice Tech, Gary Thompson thanked helper Steven Moore 



    Convenor:  Linda Bongard  

    Helpers:  Jordan VanVlack, Kristin & Jim Robinson



    Saturday 26th / Sunday 27th November

    CurlON Rep – Steve Eastlake  Committee: John Ryan

    Kitchen Staff – Cathy Howard (all weekend) with Jim Lush, Pam Clair, Mike Stockfish, Lynn Austin, Amanda Bell, Jean James,

    Glenn Goodman  Baking/Donations – Nancy Trudel,

    Bar – Jordan VanVlack, Deb Kowalik, Bob St. John, Arnold VanHeighten, Paul McDonald, Ed Kurc, Angela Kurc

    Scorers/Timers - Bill Hogg. Phil Berry, Gord Mitchell, David Ball, Martha McCallum, Bill Casselman, Brian Chadwick, Paul McDonald


    GRANDMASTERS – CurlON – Monday 28th , Friday 02nd 

    Convenor:  Steve Eastlake

    Morning Goodies:  Steve Eastlake   Bakers: Nancy Trudel, Sandy Eastlake

    Lunch: Cathy Howard, Joanne Fenwick, Pam Clair, Alice Carlson    

    Bar: Steve Eastlake


    Sticks & Stones Fundraiser

    Convenor -  Heather Ramshaw   Assistant: Christine Perry

    Morning Goodies: Jim Lush, Cathy Howard, Janine Murray

    Kitchen: Cathy Howard, Brenda Kerr, Rick Fister

    Desserts: Heather and Christine

    Bar: Peter Wilkie, Don Currier


    Senior Men's Bonspiel

    Convenor: Allan Wrigglesworth

    Morning Goodies: Linda Perry, Carol LaVecque; Baker: Jim Lush

    Lunch & Supper: Captain – Cathy Howard, Asst: Linda Perry

    Lunch helpers: Sandy Kennelly, Cynthia Lindt, Sandy Semple; 

    Supper helpers: Tessa Brunton, Mike Derry, Nancy Trudell; Bakers (pies) – Val Burgess, Karen Mills, Sandy Semple, MaryJo Sergeant Kerr, Pam Jordan.

    Thank you potato peelers: Alice Carlson, Sheila Pennell, Sandy Eastlake, Nancy Trudell, Tammy Creighton, Linda Perry, Carol LaVecque

    Bar: Bill Ryan, Lindsay Kenalty, Angela Kurc, Dan McGrath, Donna Perrin

    Allan thanked Doug and Gary for terrific ice.


    Ladies In-Club Bonpiel

    Convenor: Deb Kowalik    

    Committee: Martha McCallum, Angela Kurc, David Ball, Bob St. John, Chris Downey, Cathy Howard

    Morning Goodies/Lunch/Bakers

    Captain: Cathy Howard with Alice Calrson, Anne Barber, Lynn Austin; Baker: Jim Lush

    Bar: Wes Kerr, Brian Hobin, Gary Hartin, Ed Kurc



    Convenor: Jim Stapley/Pam Jordan

    Committee: Sandra O'Neill  Plus a thanks to Donna Perrin for assisting with Graphic Designs

    Morning Goodies: Carol LaVecque, Jane Hough; Baker: Jim Lush;      

    Lunch - Linda Perry, Captain  with Cynthis Lyndt, Lauren Reid, Mike Derry

    Dinner: Pam Jordan, Captain with Amanda Bell, Tessa Brunton, Sandy Semple,

    Bakers: Joelle Dickson, MaryJo Sergeant-Kerr, Cathy Howard, Kelly Bowering, Judy Fister; Peeler-Nancy Trudel;

    Bar: Penny McPherson, Jim Sunstrum, Glenn Goodman, Rick Fister, Arnold VanHeighten, Sandy Semple, Robin Stockfish.

    Ice: Doug and Gary thank Keith Mayers, Robert Hough


    Convenor: Deb Kowalik

    Committee: Cathy Howard, Chris Downey, Angela Kurc, Robin Stockfish, Tessa Brunton, Susi Reinink, Heather Ramshaw,

    Stacey Jones, Nancy Wilkie, Sandy Smelser

    Morning Goodies: Cathy Howard, Baker: Jim Lush

    Lunch: Captain Cathy Howard with Tessa Brunton, Janine Murray, Anne Barber, Lynn Austin, Marie Craigen, Cynthia Lindt, Sandy Kennelly

    Desserts: Created by Jim Lush and sponsored by Chris Downey

    Bar: Peter Wilkie, Allan Wrigglesworth, Dennis Kerr, Paul Reinke, Glenn Goodman, Ed Kurc

    Thanks for great ice to our Ice Techs, Doug Pennell and Gary Thompson



    Saturday 12 November – Heather Ramshaw

    Thursday 15 December – Steve Eastlake

    Saturday 17 December – Steve Eastlake

    Saturday 14 January – Heather Ramshaw

    Saturday 21 January – Chris Downey

    Saturday 03 March – Black/Dickson – Jim Kennelly (2), Janie Ryan, Rick Fister, Donna Perrin, Andy Graham, Bill Ryan, Brian Chadwick.

                                      Ice Tech Gary Thompson thanked Scott Mills and John Dickson for assisting.

    Saturday 11 March – Doyle’s/Fort Glass – Penny McPherson, Jordan VanVlack (2), Dave VanVlack (2), Peter Wilkie, Louise VanHeighten (2), Sandy Semple (2),                                          Chris Jackson (2)


    Martin & Walter Closing Funspiel

    Convenor: Sandy & Steve Eastlake, Committee (Junior fundraiser) Bob StJohn, Robert Dickson, Gary Thompson, Kevin Groen

    Morning Goodies: Cathy Howard, Jim Lush, Sandy Eastlake. Lunch: Captain Cathy Howard, Lina & Steven Graham, Ian Munro;

    Pot Luck co-ordinators: Sheila Pennell, Val Burgess. Thanks to many many curlers for helping.

    Bar: Dave Coles, Allen Wrigglesworth, Paul McDonald, Chris Jackson, Lucas Edwards

    Great ice as usual by our Ice Techs Doug Pennell and Gary Thompson


    Ice Clean Up “Muck Out”  (Tue and/or Wed and/or Thurs)

    Steve, Doug and Gary thank Ian Munro, Brian Chadwick, Andy Graham, Don Kerr, Dennis Kerr, Robert Hough, Steve Moore, Ed Kurc,

    Rick Fister, Mike Derry, Phil Boyer, Peter Wilkie, Phil Berry.


    Maxsold Auction

    Convener - Linda Bongard

    Volunteers - Pam Clair, Sheryl Martin, Derek and Margi Reid, Jane Pearson, Robin Stockfish, Stacey Jones

    ** Special mention to Arnie VanHeighten (transported a trailer full of empties to the beer store)

    Thank you to everyone who donated!!!

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    Napanee curling began in the 1890's on the Napanee River & continued outdoors into the 1920's. Women joined the sport with the formation of the present club, which first curled in the arena from 1957-1960 and in the present facility since 1961. The Napanee & District Curling Club is a not for profit, membership-owned club.