Honour Roll

    League Winners 2019-2020    
    Draw Winner   Runnerup
    Monday Night Open Flight
    1A Rob Dickson, Ryan Rowe, Scott Dickson, Aaron Shiel   Jim Stapley, Kevin MacLean, Paul McDonald, Darrell Pritchard
    1B Darrell Scott, Guy Johnson, Bob St. John, Neil Packman   Chris Coleman, Frank Dunham, Phil Berry, Jaan Lees
    2A Robert Dickson, Ryan Rowe, Scott Dickson, Aaron Shield    
    2B Mark Dunham, Steve Kapusta, Austin Dunham, Devlin Benton    
    Club Championship TBD    
    Draw Winner   Runnerup
    Tuesday Up&At'Em Mixed
    1 Chris Ramshaw, Stacey Jones, Penny McPherson, Paul Reinke   Carol Lavecque, Peter Hamilton, Sandy Kennelly, Craig Caldwell
    2 Murray Halliday, Bert Kea, Cathy Howard, Marg Peters   Sandy Eastlake, David Ball, Don Landon, Joelle Dickson
    3 Carol Lavesque, Dennis Kerr, Penny McPherson, Biran Rossborough   Sandy Eastlake, Dave Hollis, Glenn McFadden, Robin Stockfish
    Draw Winner   Runnerup
    Tuesday Night Mixed
    1 Dave VanVlack, Jordan VanVlack, Susi Reinink, Kelsey Pearson   Brian Hobin  Janet Hobin, Chris Jackson, Gale Rogers
    2 David Ball, Martha McCallum, Harold Lewis, Wendy Parker   Louise Van Heighten, Arnold Van Heighten, Chris Jackson, Brittany McGarvey
    Draw Winner   Runnerup
    Wednesday Night Ladies
    1 Janie Ryan, Moira Sickling, Linda Perry, Rita Ryan   Sandra O’Neill, Martha McCallum, Judith Hume, Sherri Bentley
    2 Deb Kowalik, Martha McCallum, Linda Perry, Cynthia Lindt   Sandra O’Neill, Natalie Scilley, Carolyn Pringle, Sheryl Martin.
    3 Stacey Jones, Cathy Howard, Joanne Fenwick, Jane Brown    
    Draw Winner   Runnerup
    Wednesday Senior Mens
    1 Chris Coleman, Daryl Lalonde, Peter Hamilton, Glenn Goodman   Chris Ramshaw, Don Kerr, Jim Kennelly, Jaan Lees
    2 Robert Paul, Al Wrigglesworth, Jim Kennelly, Brian Rossborough   Bill Casselman, Murray Halliday, Don Landon, Paul Reinke
    Draw Winner   Runnerup
    Thursday Day Club - Ladies
    1 Debbie Currier, Deb Kowalik, Janine Murray, Alice Carlson   Susi Reinink, Ingrborg Donald, Bonnie McTaggart, Marie Craigen
    2 Carol LaVecque, Deb Kowalik, Marilyn Cole, Michelle Chamberlain   Chris Downey, Nancy Wilkie, Lia Dufour, spares
    Draw Winner   Runnerup
    Thursday Night Club - Men's
    1 Ian Munro, Murray Halliday, Graeme Hay, Ronald Binch   Paul McDonald, Donald Lloyd, David Salvisburg, Kevin Groen
    2 Jim Stapley, Murray Halliday, Lyle Young, Gary Hartin; 2nd:    Paul McDonald, Gary Thompson, Donald Lloyd, Tim Grew
    Draw Winner   Runnerup
    Friday Night Mixed
    1 Jim Stapley, Donna Perrin, Gayle Johnson and Guy Johnson   Heather Ramshaw, Gary Thompson, Angela Kurc and Ed Kurc
    2 Doug Pennell, Sheila Pennell, Don Kerr, Brenda Kerr   Don Currier, Deb Currier, Chris Downy, Mark Belcher/Jen Baker

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    Napanee curling began in the 1890's on the Napanee River & continued outdoors into the 1920's. Women joined the sport with the formation of the present club, which first curled in the arena from 1957-1960 and in the present facility since 1961. The Napanee & District Curling Club is a not for profit, membership-owned club.

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