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Title Name Phone No.
President Sandy Eastlake 613-354-7138
Vice-President Heather Ramshaw 613-329-4313
Bar (Co-Director) Al Thompson 
Bar (Co-Director) Chris Jackson
Fundraising Linda Bongard
House (Co-Director) Bill Ryan
House (Co-Director) Frank Dunham
Ice Steve Eastlake
Junior Curling Dave Travers
Kitchen (Co-Director) OPEN
Kitchen (Co-Director) OPEN
Ladies Bonspiels Heather Ramshaw
Ladies’ Curling (Co-Director) - Wednesday Deb Kowalik
Ladies’ Curling (Co-Director) - Thursday Moira Sickling
Membership Sandy Eastlake
Men’s Curling Ian Munro
Men's / Mixed Bonspiel Allan Wrigglesworth
Mixed Curling Frank and Patty Lion
Other Executive
Title Name Phone No.
Treasurer David Coles
Secretary Elizabeth Vandenberg
OCA Steve Eastlake
Rentals Neil Packman 613-536-8229
Up&At'Em League Coordinators Don & Brenda Kerr
Title Name Phone No.
Ice Makers Don Currier NDCC: 613-354-3761

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