"Volunteers are not paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless."
Convenor: Heather Ramshaw
Kitchen: : Captain: Marilyn Cole - Helpers: Bonnie McTaggart, Wendy Parker, Harold Lewis
Chefs: Penny McPherson, Shelley Alkenbrack, Jen Barker, Wendy Parker, Bonnie McTaggart.
Dessert: Baked and served by Heather Ramshaw, Christine Perry.
Bar: Ed & Angela Kurc, Jim Kennelly
Ice: Thank you Doug Pennell
Convenor: Allan Wrigglesworth with assistant Barton MacLean
Kitchen: Breakfast – Janine Murray, Penny McPherson, Cathy Howard, Karen Mills, Robin Stockfish  
Prime Rib Lunch - Captain Moira Sickling Helpers: Pam Jordan, Janie Ryan, Amanda Bell, Karen Brant-Taylor, Lynn Austin, Sherrill Bentley, Janet Hobin, Olivia Readman, Mark Taylor (carver). Roasts: Debbie Currier, Leslie Sweet, Cathy Howard, Sandi McNamee, Lorna Troyer
Pies: Alberta Goody, Joelle Dickson Sheryl Martin, Joanne Fenwick, Jane Pearson, Sandy Semple, Pam Jordan, Janie Ryan Linda Bongard, Janet Hobin, Mary Jane Elvins
Bar: Tom Ayling, Karen Brant-Taylor, Jordan VanVlack, Arnold VanHeighten, Jack McNamee, Paul Reinke
Ice: Steven Moore assisted Don & Doug.
Convenor: Doug Pennell/Max Bishop
Kitchen: Captains Sheila Pennell/Val Burgess with helpers Heather Baker, Brenda Kerr, Martha McCallum, Adell Hay
Bar: Brian Hobin and Sandy Semple
Ice: Thanks Don
EUCRE TOURNAMENTS – Thank you Don & Brenda Kerr
MIXED DOUBLES: Thank you Allan Wrigglesworth
Convenor: Heather Ramshaw
Lunch - Rachel Thompson, Anne Angel
Dinner – Rachel Thompson with Alberta Goody, Heather Baker, Marilyn Cole, Sandy Semple
Bar -  Ken Booker, Tom Ayling, Jack & Sandi McNamee
Convenor: Sandy Eastlake
Ian Munro, Andy Palmer, Pam Jordan
Convenors: Penny McPherson/Tessa Brunton  
Committee: Janine Murray, Shelley Alkenbrack, Janet Hobin, Karen Mills, Robin Stockfish, Joelle Dickson,Nancy Wilkie, Jane Hough, Sue Walden, Jordan Van Vlack, Sandi McNamee, Bonnie McTaggart, Chris Downey, Benita Murphy, Cathy Howard, Cathy Palmer, Debbie Currier, Penny McPherson, Karen&Roger Mills, Ron Menchetti, Janet&Brian Hobin, Penny,Bruce, Ben McPherson, Sherry Pringle, Liz Graham, Elaine Badgley
HORN OF PLENTY – Market - Fundraiser
Convenor: Linda Bongard with Shelley Alkenbrack
Product Donators: Mike and Jane Derry, Paul Reinke, Heather Baker,  Karen & Scott Mills, Linda Yorke , Robin Stockfish,
Max & Jessica Kaiser, Shelley Alkenbrack, Penny McPherson, Tessa Brunton, Jordan and David VanVlack, Stacey Jones,
Marilyn Cole, Linda Bongard, Pam Jordan
Start Up
Director - Steve Eastlake & IceTechs DonCurrier/Doug Pennell,  Chris Coleman, Phil Berry,
Robert Hough, David VanVlack, Glenn Goodman, Bill Caselman, Brian Hobin
Coordinator: Bill Ryan
Phil Berry, Doug Pennell, Cor Vandenburg, Steve EastLake
COMMITTEE: Sandy Eastlake, Bill Ryan, Steve Eastlake, Doug Pennell, Stacey Jones.
Phase 1 – Removal, Painting, General Maintenance & Lunches:
Bill Ryan, Doug Pennell, Steve Eastlake, Frank Dunham, Don Currier, Phil Berry, Kees VanGent, John Deman, Don Weir, Keith Mayers, Ted Kennedy, Ian Munro, Andy Graham, Gary Thompson, Chris Coleman, Steve Anderson; Painters: Stacey Jones, Jane Derry, Mike Derry, Bill Casselman, George Munday; Kitchen: Sandy Eastlake, Sheila Pennell and Sandi Coleman.
Phase 2 – Assembly and Installation of Lockers:
Friday – Phil Berry, Peter Wilkie, Ed Kurc, Rocco Liscio, Steve Anderson, John Lees, Andy Graham, Don Kerr, Bill Hogg, John Deman, Bill Hume, Chris Coleman, Jack McNamee; Kitchen -  Sandy Eastlake, Sheila Pennell and Brenda Kerr
Saturday – Bill Ryan, Steve Eastlake, Doug Pennell, Don Kerr, Phil Berry, Scott Webber, Ian Munro, Glenn Goodman, Ron Menchetti, Max Bishop, John Lees, Steve Anderson, Linda York, Sheryl Martin, Lynn Austin, Jack McNamee. Kitchen: Sandy Eastlake, Brenda Kerr, Sandy Semple and Sandi McNamee.
Monday – Steve Eastlake, Bill Ryan, Doug Pennell, Rocco Liscio, Ed Kurc, Ken Booker, Steve Moore, Allan Wrigglesworth.
Phase 3 – Assembly and Installation of last 13 lockers:
Thursday – Bill Ryan, Doug Pennell, Steve Eastlake, Steve Anderson, Steven Moore, Tom Ayling, Cor Vandenberg, Glenn Goodman, Andy Graham, Bill Hume; Kitchen – Sandy Eastlake, Sheila Pennell
Phase 4 – Aligning, Measuring, Numbering and Name Tags
Bill Ryan, Steve Eastlake, Doug Pennell, Phil Berry, Keith Berry, Bill Casselman,
Sandy Eastlake, Stacey Jones.
Donation Process throughout the summer
Heather Ramshaw, Dave Coles, Sandy Eastlake

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